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Sophie's Orlando Memories!

Sophie spent her Summer 2018 living in Orlando as a participant on our Loews Hotels Summer Program, based at the Universal Orlando Resort! Read below for our Q&A session with her and check out what she has to say about her Summer Program in the USA!
What duties made up an average day in your job role? 
When I was lifeguarding it would involve being on stand (watching the pool) for 1 1/2 hours then getting 30 minutes break where I would perform other tasks such as working in the towel hut. However, I was lucky at my property because I got the chance to perform other roles than lifeguarding. I was given pool concierge and pool attendant shifts where I would run kids activities on the pool deck and provide personal poolside service to any cabanas. 
How did you like to spend your free time? 
On the first day of summer everyone on my program got a Disney Annual Pass and at the beginning of my program, I spent a lot of my free time there with my friends. Then when I got my universal pass we went a lot before and after work as I walked past it each day on my route. However, as the program developed we started exploring other areas of Florida I had never been to before such as blue springs where I got to go tubing along a natural lazy river with wild manatees. 
What’s your favourite memory from the Summer? 
Going to Miami with all my friends I made on the program and getting to go on south beach and banana boating 
How do you think participating in this Summer Program has changed you/What have you learnt about yourself?
I learnt how to be more independent, even though I lived away from home at university I would still go home every other weekend, but by being in Orlando I couldn’t go home so it gave me the chance to discover I can stand on my own two feet
What was the most challenging thing about your Summer?
It took me a while, in the beginning, to get used to the humidity. As I worked by the pool it meant I was exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. However, as time went on I got used to the heat and when I got back to England I felt freezing at first
Would you recommend a Summer Program in the USA and why?
Yes definitely! It has given me the opportunity to make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Since being back we have already met up for a reunion in Manchester and another one is being planned for next year. 
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